Make a Big Difference in a Little Life

The Problem

Clinician feedback consistently indicates that there is no mask available today that will fit an infant’s face comfortably and without creating uncomfortable and unsightly sores. Known as pressure ulcers, these are caused by hard plastic face masks attached tightly to the infant’s face.

The use of plastic face masks with humidified air against delicate pediatric skin leads to skin breakdown and pressure ulcers, which can result in pain, infection and disfigurement as well as increased costs, length of stay, and litigation for the caretakers. We at Circadiance want to introduce the Pediatric cloth face mask that will fit and be soft to the skin of babies and children who require non-invasive ventilation.

Why Now?

In 2008, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that they will not pay

Why You?

The pediatric market is considered to be too small for the investment community.

Why Us?

Circadiance has developed a line of cloth PAP masks for adults which are widely viewed as

Why Care?

We’re asking the pediatric clinical community and the parents of babies who have had to