About Circadiance®

Our Mission

Circadiance develops, manufactures, and markets remote patient monitoring software and hardware for hospitals and home care companies. Our mission is to improve health and quality of life for patients and their caregivers.

  • Circadiance is a pioneer in respiratory therapy specializing in positive airway pressure, non-invasive ventilation, and apnea monitoring.
  • Our clinically proven, innovative solutions address patients from premature newborns to the elderly.
  • Circadiance products deliver superior patient outcomes and effectiveness in acute care and home care settings, ultimately resulting in reduced cost of care and improved health.

Our Company History

Circadiance got its start in 2006, when David Groll, the company’s founder, first pinpointed the problems inherent in existing PAP interface designs. As the former head of the Patient Interface Group at Respironics, he was well-versed in the needs of mask users—and he could see that the decades-old plastic technology was not really serving those needs. David put together a team of experienced professionals and got the company started. In 2007, Circadiance began marketing the world’s first all-cloth respiratory interface.

Fast forward to 2014… Circadiance’s success with SleepWeaver® soft cloth CPAP mask technology leads to interest from prominent children’s hospitals in the United States, who seek a better alternative to plastic masks for use in non-invasive ventilation and CPAP therapy for children between the ages of 2 and 7. The company completed a crowdfunding campaign and was awarded several grants on its way to launching the first CE-approved soft cloth pediatric PAP mask.

In 2015, Circadiance hits another major milestone as it completed the acquisition of SmartMonitor® infant apnea monitors, with accompanying Synergy® software, and the NeoPAP® infant respiratory support system from Philips Healthcare. The acquisition of these products and related intellectual property allows Circadiance to enter the global pediatric respiratory market. This combined portfolio of products enables Circadiance to meet the needs of a broad array of patients, in both the acute care and home care markets.

Since acquiring the SmartMonitor and Synergy software products, Circadiance has improved the hardware and introduced a revolutionary new version of Synergy software: Synergy Cloud. In 2020, Circadiance released this cloud-based software as an upgrade for the infant monitoring market. Synergy Cloud creates continuity of care for NICU graduates. It ensures the future of infant monitoring is secure on a platform that can adapt to any changes in hardware or market conditions.

We look forward to serving you as our journey continues.

We’re all about health & quality of life.

From plastic masks to cloth masks, on-premise to cloud-based software, and analog to connected hardware—we are committed to the development of cutting-edge respiratory products that people love. And, of course, caregivers value our technology because their patients are getting better care and leading a higher quality of life.

We’re a global medical device company.

Circadiance is based near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our diverse team and our international distribution network mean that we can serve the needs of people all over the world. And we’ll keep thinking of new ways to help—because we’re passionate about our mission.

We’d like to help you.

Get to know us and our products, then get in touch with us. We’ll help you determine which Circadiance product is right for you.