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Synergy Cloud Software

For Use with SmartMonitor® Devices
Synergy Cloud software allows clinicians to remotely monitor infants who are at risk for apneas, bradycardias, or desaturations—reducing the length of stay for newborns in the NICU and making home infant monitoring more profitable for home care providers. Accessing your patients’ data is the key to providing the care they deserve. Synergy Cloud automates continuity of care from hospital to step-down to home for NICU graduates. To ease the transition to the cloud and remove the need to drive to patient homes, Circadiance has created the Synergy Cloud Communication Module to connect SmartMonitor devices to the software over a Wi-Fi Network.

Expanding Monitoring Capabilities Through the Cloud

Synergy Cloud is a web-based software that displays data from SmartMonitor cardiorespiratory monitors, allowing clinicians to remotely manage NICU graduates. This software minimizes the effort required to accurately record potential life-threatening events such as apneas, bradycardias, or desaturations. Using a familiar interface with an intuitive design, the software provides the following features:

  • Graphical displays, customizable event labels, and improved communication.
  • Patient demographics, monitoring parameters, and case history.
  • Trusted security features comply with national standards including HIPAA in the US and GDPR in the EU.
  • Downloads are consolidated in one patient case record improving data interpretation.
  • Case records are available on the web 24/7 through PC, tablet or mobile.
  • Communication to the care team is simplified, automated and configurable.
  • Detailed reporting supports clinical decisions and reimbursement.
  • The patient case record can be imported into the hospital EMR.

Remove the wait-time, expense, and tedium from your infant monitoring processes. See what moving to the cloud can do for you and your patients!


SmartMonitor Cardiorespiratory Infant Monitors

Home Monitoring for the Smallest of Infants
For use in the home, the SmartMonitor 2 apnea monitor offers the latest technology for monitoring heart and respiration activity in one portable and easy-to-use device. If recordable changes in heart rate or respiration occur, the SmartMonitor 2 alarms and a universal symbol-based interface make it easy to determine the patient’s condition.

Two megabytes of internal memory provide continuous or event recording. Remote access to data downloads and online real-time viewing by clinicians is available when using the optional Communication Module paired with Synergy Cloud software.

  • Small, lightweight design facilitates easier transport
  • Straightforward symbol platform reduces inventory and simplifies training
  • Universal symbol interface
  • Metal patient cable and connector improve durability
  • 2 MB of memory holds hundreds of events
  • Communication Module connection allows for remote downloading

Multi-Parameter Hospital Monitoring Made Easy
The SmartMonitor 2 PS provides healthcare professionals with detailed information about a patient’s heart rate, respiration and oxygen saturation. Features include Masimo SET® technology, large memory capacity, 15 hours of portable operation and a bright digital readout. Diagnostic quality waveforms can be captured and reviewed through Synergy Cloud (now with remote connectivity provided by the Synergy Cloud Communication Module). In addition, an easy-to-understand interface incorporates universally recognized symbols that help reduce potential language barriers.

Pediatric, as well as adult clearances, make the SmartMonitor 2 PS ideal for documenting patient response to conscious sedation, patient-controlled analgesia and general floor monitoring.

  • Superior waveform quality
  • 4 MB of memory capacity
  • 15 hours of portable operation
  • Universal symbol interface
  • Lightweight design
  • Hospital or homecare selectable settings
  • Backup battery
  • Dual alarm
  • Durable metal patient connector

Moving to the Cloud Means Better Care

Paired with our SmartMonitor devices, Synergy Cloud gives healthcare professionals easy access and powerful insight when reviewing patient data. Synergy Cloud automates continuity of care from hospital to home for NICU graduates. After all, better access means better care.

DME and HME 
For Home Medical Equipment Providers who provide cardiorespiratory infant monitoring services, Synergy Cloud allows you to seamlessly function within multiple referral source workflows without the need to handle physical data media. This enables Home Care Provider staff to work more productively.

Hospital and Scoring Center 
For apnea scoring and analysis services, Synergy Cloud allows uploaded studies to be scored anytime from anywhere and quickly delivered to multiple HME providers and clinicians through a single secure portal.

Synergy Cloud

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What is Synergy Cloud?

Synergy Cloud is a web-based software product that performs the same functions as Synergy-E along with a few new enhancements. Synergy Cloud will facilitate the following actions:

  • Receive data uploaded from SmartMonitor infant apnea monitors.
  • Provide a tool to create reports for clinician use.
  • Allow all of the same scoring actions as Synergy-E.
  • Provide various dashboards for DMEs and Data Scoring/Interpreting Clinicians.

What is Synergy Cloud used for?

Synergy Cloud is used to review event data collected by SmartMonitor cardiorespiratory monitors. This data is able to be scored and summarized in various reports which clinicians can use to facilitate their decisions regarding course-of-care for their patients.

Can Synergy Cloud provide an automated diagnosis?

Synergy Cloud does not provide diagnostic information (i.e. clinical decision support). Synergy Cloud only allows for the review of data.

Is any software installed on my system to use Synergy Cloud?

You can access Synergy Cloud through any commonly used Web Browser. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11, etc.

Where is Synergy Cloud hosted?

It is hosted on an Amazon Web Services server in the US.

Is there a subscription fee?

Yes. There is a subscription charge for each account based on the number of users in the system. There will be one device subscription each for each SmartMonitor device assigned to an account. Contact us for a quote.

Can the site be accessed via a mobile phone or tablet?

Synergy Cloud is accessible on mobile and tablet platforms utilizing Android or iOS operating systems.

What languages are supported?

Synergy Cloud will operate in English, Spanish or French—depending on the user’s preference. Other translations will be added in the future.

Is there online help available?

There are help screens and training videos available from every location in Synergy Cloud.


Is the software HIPAA compliant?

Hosting complies with the following national regulations: • Europe: GDPR, data hosted in EU • US: Support HIPAA Procedures

What is the password complexity?

Password complexity conforms to NIST AAL2.

Does Synergy Cloud use 2FA?

Synergy Cloud offers 2-factor authentications for login.

Is the data encrypted?

Synergy Cloud uses AES-256 encryption in transmission and at rest.

Will user actions be tracked?

There is an audit log for each transaction in the system.

System Setup

What is an account?

This is a Home Care Provider, Hospital or Apnea Scoring Service. Generally, an account is at a single location.

What is a user?

These are named users with access to the system, each identified with a unique e-mail address.

What is a device?

SmartMonitor cardiorespiratory monitor.

What is a contact?

This is a person with a profile in the system, unaffiliated with an account. Contacts can receive notices from the system but cannot access any patient data.

Who is the account administrator?

One account administrator will be assigned for each account. This role has the ability to add and manage users. Circadiance will communicate with the account administrator about subscription status, payment status, system status, etc.

Does Synergy Cloud support headquarter and subsidiary locations?

An account can have a “Headquarter” company account identified with it. This is used to denote a corporate structure. Often the “Subsidiary” accounts (locations or subsidiaries) are used as the “ship-to” location when devices are sold to the account. Often the Headquarter account is used as the “bill-to” when devices are sold to the account. There can be any number of Subsidiary accounts under a Headquarter account.

What is a “care network”?

The purpose of associating accounts is to be able to access the same case data across multiple organizations. For instance, a Home Care Company, Hospital and Apnea Center may all participate in the same case. • The administrator from any account can send a request to be associated with any other account. That request will be processed by the account administrator of the receiving account. • If the account administrator approves a request for their account to be associated with another account, then all of the users within either account can be assigned to cases managed by either account. • An account can be associated to as many other accounts as the admins agree to. There is no limit to the number of associations an account can have. • An account administrator will be able to search, filter, view and print all of the other accounts to which they are associated.

What is the purpose of “associating contacts to accounts”?

The purpose of associating contacts to accounts is to be able to communicate notices to people with roles in a case that do not have user profiles. This is most often used by doctors involved with a case who want to receive notices about a case, but not to access the case data. • Any user can send an invitation to any contact to be associated with an account. • Contact associations can be initiated by any contact. • The contact will send a request to the account administrator to be associated with an account. If the account administrator accepts that request, the contact will be associated with the account. • Once a contact is associated with an account they can be added to cases managed by users of that account. • A contact can be associated to as many accounts as they agree to. There is no limit to the number of associations a contact can have. • An account administrator will be able to search, filter, view and print all of the contacts associated to their account. • A contact will be able to search, filter, view and print all of the accounts to which they are associated.

Can the user or contact select how they want to receive notices from the system?

Yes. A user or contact can receive notices from the system by e-mail or text, depending on their preference.

Case Management

What is a “case” in Synergy Cloud?

A case is the unique combination of a specific patient and specific SmartMonitor device. When a case is established, the system assigns a unique case number. The case starts when the patient is prescribed for monitoring and continues until the provider discontinues monitoring.

What is the Synergy Cloud Communication Module?

The Synergy Cloud Communication Module was created to connect SmartMonitor devices to Synergy Cloud over a Wi-Fi connection. It's easy-to-use and removes the need to drive to patient's homes.

Does Synergy Cloud enforce parental consent to begin monitoring?

Parents of infants discharged with a monitor will be asked to sign an acknowledgment/consent form at discharge that: • Acknowledges training • Acknowledges data will not be reviewed in real-time • Consent/agreement to use the monitor on their child Data cannot be added to a case until the parent consents to monitoring.

Can a monitor be replaced mid-case?

A user will be able to change the device on the patient case and continue the case.

Who has access to case data?

The Case Manager, Data Scorer, and Interpreting Physician can access case data.

Who can receive notices about case events?

The Case Manager, Data Scorer, Interpreting Physician, Referring Physician, Specialist, and/or Pediatrician/Family Doctor can receive notices about case events.

Does data scoring work the same as Synergy-E?

Yes. It is a similar process and interface. Many of the functions have been improved through the use of web-based tools.

Does interpretation work the same as Synergy-E?

The interpretation process has been greatly enhanced. Synergy Cloud provides a series of drop-down menus that can be populated by the account administrator. When writing the interpretation, the interpreting physician will use the series of dropdowns and free-form test fields.

Does Synergy Cloud allow providers to add notes?

Yes. Provider Notes can be added to the case.

Does Synergy Cloud allow parents to add notes?

Yes. Parent Notes can be added to the case.

Data Management

How is data input into Synergy Cloud?

“Uploads” from SmartMonitor devices can be input into case records with a “drag and drop” feature. There are data validation features to ensure that the data is input into the right case. You may also use the Synergy Cloud Communication Module which connects SmartMonitor devices to the software over a Wi-Fi network.

Will all data for a case be stored with that case record?

Synergy Cloud appends uploaded data to the case record until the monitor has been re-assigned to another patient or marked as in-active.

Does Synergy Cloud do everything Synergy-E does?

Synergy Cloud does all of the functions of Synergy-E plus many more.

Is the data interface in Synergy Cloud the same as Synergy-E?

The data screens will be familiar to Synergy-E users.

Is the data that comes from the monitor modified once it gets into Synergy Cloud?

No, it is translated into a format readable by the software, but the patient data that was imported from the device does not change.

Equipment Management

Does Synergy Cloud track equipment status?

Synergy Cloud has the means to identify a monitor’s status as either “assigned to a case”, “available for assignment”, “in checkout”, or “lost or broken”.

Does Synergy Cloud track equipment location?

The equipment record identifies the case to which the device has been assigned, which includes the location.


What are notices?

Notices are messages from Synergy Cloud to a system user or contact that certain events have occurred within the system.

Who will get notices from Synergy Cloud?

Notices can be configured to be sent to any user or contact who has a role in a case.

Are notices secure?

No. Protected Health Information (PHI) is never transmitted through a notice.


Does Synergy Cloud have the same reports as Synergy-E?

Yes, including: Compliance Report, Event Report, Equipment Report and Summary Report.

Does Synergy Cloud have any new reports?

Yes, including: Case Report, Event Trend Report, and Audit Log Report.

All accounts have access to the full suite of Synergy Cloud functionality.

$99 per month per account. This includes 1 administrator-level user.
$59 per month for each additional user.
$27 per month connection fee for each remotely connected monitor.

Monitoring programs can now save significantly on costs by discharging patients earlier and collecting data remotely with our cloud-based software and the Communication Module to connect monitors in patient homes.


Payment Discounts
Monthly 0%
Quarterly 5%
Annual 12%


Communication Module Savings Calculator


Hospitals are now able to graduate premature newborn infants out of the NICU to home sooner, shortening the length of stay. This gives doctors peace of mind, with the ability to remotely manage the infant’s cardiorespiratory condition. The management of data is automated, improving staff efficiency. Secure data management ensures HIPAA compliance.

Home Care Providers realize greater profitability from monitoring by simplifying and automating the process of retrieving monitor data. The system provides all of the necessary documentation to assure compliance and reimbursement.

Payers realize savings by shortening the length of stay in the NICU and avoiding emergency visits for at-risk infants.

Families are able to bring their baby home sooner while having peace of mind that their baby’s cardiorespiratory condition is being clinically monitored even at home.

The Synergy Cloud system can be implemented quickly, allowing all care team members to realize the value of the technology from the first case. The system enables the care team to establish a new, better standard of care for discharged infants. Get started!