Recent recalls in the industry have brought attention to the use of magnets in PAP products. NO SLEEPWEAVER PRODUCTS HAVE MAGNETS. Magnets used in other PAP products may interfere with medical implants. Ask your medical provider if you have questions about your mask OR to request a SleepWeaver as an alternative.

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SleepWeaver®—The World’s Softest CPAP Masks.

In 2007, Circadiance revolutionized the respiratory interface world with SleepWeaver®, the world’s first all-cloth Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) mask. Today, we continue to introduce new products that help people sleep and breathe in comfort.

Our full line of interface products is based on the simple idea that soft is better. Who wants to sleep in a hard, plastic mask that either slips off or causes pressure sores from over-tightening? Who wants to spend a significant portion of his or her life wearing a piece of latex or silicone? Nobody! Once you try Circadiance products, you’ll never go back. Our customers agree.

How does it work?

Circadiance soft-cloth products are designed to eliminate the five most common complaints about old-fashioned, hard, plastic masks: air leakage, pressure from headgear, limited sleep positions, skin irritation, and noise.

  • Reduced Air Leakage: SleepWeaver® is made of cloth with no rigid parts in contact with the skin. It inflates to form a balloon of air that pushes gently against the patient’s face to form a seal. The flexible cloth conforms to the exact shape of each individual patient’s face to reduce air leakage.
  • Reduced Pressure from Headgear: Our headgear requires very little tension to achieve a good seal; the air pressure inside the mask does the job instead. Patients no longer need to continually tighten the mask, which means fewer pressure sores on the face.
  • More Sleep Positions: SleepWeaver allows the patient to sleep on his or her side, back, or stomach without rigid buckles, clips, or faceplates digging into the skin. Because the mask is light and soft, it stays in place all night—even when the patient changes sleep positions. Due to amazing comfort users have reported waking up in the middle of the night and wondering if it’s still in place!
  • No More Skin Irritation: Cloth is very smooth and breathable, so it can form a good seal without feeling sticky or tacky on the skin. Nothing enters the nose, so the mucosal tissues are not irritated. The mask contains no natural rubber latex or silicone, so it does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Less Noise: PAP mask noise comes from the exhalation valve, leaks, and turbulence inside the mask. SleepWeaver’s small exhalation holes eliminate air “whooshing” or “whistling” sounds. The mask fits with very few leaks, reducing sudden noises. And the mask is designed to minimize air turbulence.

Ditch the plastic—and breathe easier. Order online!

Are you ready to experience real comfort? Have a look at our product line, and then call our Customer Service line at 888-825-9640 to find out which Circadiance products are right for you. Or you can get in touch with your nearby Durable Medical Equipment provider to get started. Individuals and professionals can also order online!

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