SleepWeaver® Élan® – Available in 3 Sizes

SleepWeaver® Élan®

The SleepWeaver® Élan® soft-cloth nasal PAP mask features exhalation holes under the mask to match up with your natural nasal exhalation. The mask is angled so the exhalation doesn’t bother you or your bed partner.

Like our other masks, the SleepWeaver Élan incorporates the revolutionary Circadiance soft-cloth technology that quietly inflates like a balloon to create an airtight seal. The breathable, non-allergenic mask is comfortable—and it eliminates leaks, pressure points, sore spots, and pinching. Our “loose fit” prevents strap marks, and the open-face headgear design accommodates eyeglasses and allows virtually unrestricted vision—great for people who like to fall asleep while reading or watching TV!

Note: There are NO magnets used in SleepWeaver masks that could otherwise interfere with medical implants.


The SleepWeaver Élan starter kit includes:

  • Regular Mask/Cushion & Headgear
  • Large Mask/Cushion
  • Small Mask/Cushion
  • SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube®
  • Tether Strap
  • Quick Start Illustration Guide
  • Available in blue or beige


The SleepWeaver Élan Starter Kit is ideal for all new PAP therapy patients. The Starter Kit is the premium PAP mask package; that includes everything you need to effectively manage your therapy. Multiple sizes are included in the box for optimal fitting. The Feather Weight Tube is included as well to reduce pull and drag on the mask so you can maintain a good seal during the night. The optional Tether Strap allows you freedom of choice for tube placement.


SleepWeaver Élan Mask and Headgear Combination includes:

  • Mask/Cushion (available in small, regular and large)
  • Headgear
  • Quick Start Illustration Guide
  • Available in blue and beige

The SleepWeaver Élan Mask and Headgear package is for individuals that already know their mask/cushion size and would like to order the mask and headgear together. This more traditional package only includes what you need to continue with your effective therapy.


SleepWeaver Élan Mask/Cushion

  • Mask/cushion (available in small, regular and large)
  • Quick Start Illustration Guide
  • Available in blue, beige, pink, leopard and camouflage

The Mask/Cushion is a simple replacement item that allows the patient to personalize their Élan mask with five available styles to choose from. The Mask/Cushion is just the cloth portion of the mask interface and is easy to replace. The recommended replacement of this type of component to the mask interface is every 3 months.


SleepWeaver Élan Headgear Only

  • Headgear
  • Universal Size

The Headgear is a replacement item and is recommended to be replaced every 6 months.


SleepWeaver Élan Ordering Frequency

  • SleepWeaver Élan Starter Kit: One-time initial purchase
  • SleepWeaver Élan Mask & Headgear: 180 Days
  • SleepWeaver Élan Mask/Cushion: 90 Days
  • SleepWeaver Élan Headgear: 180 Days

*Suggested ordering times will vary depending on your product configuration. Contact your DME (Durable Medical Equipment Provider) for specific questions in regards to insurance billing.

About SleepWeaver Élan:

  • A 90° Elbow Swivel Connector, allows for more natural sleeping positions and is easy to remove and clean. Exhalation holes in the front of the mask ensure a quiet and gentle flow of air.
  • Our exclusive FeatherWeight Tube® offers 45 cm of extension to reduce drag and provide a quick disconnect from the standard hose.
  • Quick, simple, and cost-effective replacement of the material that touches your skin.
  • Three sizes and a variety of styles—and colors!—for a mask that’s uniquely you.
  • High-tech material that allows the skin to breathe naturally, wicks away moisture and leaves no pressure marks (unlike rubber or silicone seals).
  • A tether strap that lets you position the tube over your head—you can even route the tube over your headboard.
  • Easy to clean
    We recommend a daily rinse of your mask in the sink using a drop of dish soap. Dish soaps are designed to take away grease and oil which can help remove skin and hair oils from the mask. Another cleaning technique is to include your mask in a load of laundry without bleach. Regardless of how you clean your mask, always hang it to air dry before use.We do not endorse the use of ozone-cleaning machines.
  • Note: There are NO magnets used in SleepWeaver masks that could otherwise interfere with medical implants.

Above are SleepWeaver Accessories that can be purchased separately:

  • Connector
  • Washer
  • Hose Clip

The SleepWeaver Élan®

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What is in a SleepWeaver Élan “Starter Kit”?

The SleepWeaver Élan starter kits are available in beige and blue and included in the package is one regular mask and headgear with connector assembly, one large mask/cushion, one SleepWeaver Featherweight Tube, One Tether Strap and One Quickstart Illustration Guide.

Does the SleepWeaver Élan have magnets?

No. None of the SleepWeaver masks or headgear utilize magnets.

Do I need to buy the SleepWeaver Élan Starter Kit or can I just buy the mask and headgear?

First time users of SleepWeaver Élan are encouraged to buy a Starter Kit. You can buy a Mask/Cushion, Headgear, Tether Strap, and Feather Weight Tube and a mask/headgear combo separately.

How often should SleepWeaver Élan be washed?

The SleepWeaver Élan should be washed on an as needed basis to maintain the cleanliness that is desired. Cleaning the mask every 1 – 3 days will be sufficient for most people.

How should SleepWeaver Élan be washed?

For home use, SleepWeaver Élan should be cleaned by hand washing with a mild nonabrasive detergent in warm (not hot) water until visibly clean. Rinse well with drinking quality water and allow to air dry out of direct sun- light. You may keep the swivel attached during cleaning or you may remove it and clean it separately. The headgear should be hand washed weekly. *HANG DRY ONLY (Do NOT dry mask and headgear in the dryer)

In what position can the tubing be run when using SleepWeaver Élan?

SleepWeaver Élan allows the tube to be routed in any direction according to the patient’s choice, including over the head. The Starter Kit includes an optional tether strap that can be used to connect the Feather Weight Tube to the headgear when the hose is routed over the head. Some customers also prefer using a hose clip to secure their tube onto their clothes. View our accessories at

What is the warranty for SleepWeaver Élan?

Circadiance warrants that your SleepWeaver Élan Soft Cloth Nasal PAP mask and headgear shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase by the initial consumer.

Do you have a mask guarantee?

If you, the patient, purchased one of our SleepWeaver products (SleepWeaver Advance, SleepWeaver Anew, or SleepWeaver Élan) through your Home Care Provider or an Internet Reseller and do not like the products, you can return it to the location where it was purchased within 30 days of initial fitting or of receiving the product.

Do I have to use the tether strap?

The optional tether strap helps to control the hose when it is worn “over the head”. The user should decide if this helps improve their sleep.

From what material is the mask made?

The cloth is the same material used to make winter ski clothing. A portion of the mask that contacts the skin contains polyester, nylon, and elastane. The cloth material is “breathable” meaning that the material wicks moisture and heat away from the user’s skin. You should have no concerns about skin allergies or irritation with this mask. The headgear consists of polyurethane foam, nylon, and lycra. It does NOT contain Mercapto- benzothiazole or Mercapto MX. The plastic swivel is made of polycarbonate. Please be aware that there are trace quantities of BPA in all polycarbonate products. The Feather Weight Tube is made of hytrel and EVA.

Does the cloth mask contain latex?

No. The mask is not made from natural rubber latex.

Why can’t I get a SleepWeaver Élan Starter Kit in pink, leopard or camouflage?

To reduce the number of versions that home care providers stock, we provide the starter kits in the two most popular colors. You can select any of our colors including beige, blue, pink, camouflage or leopard when you order your replacement mask/cushions.

What is recommended pressure for SleepWeaver Élan?

SleepWeaver Élan has been tested and approved for use between 4 – 20 cm H2O on PAP, Bi-Level and Auto-titrating PAP systems.

Does SleepWeaver Élan have an exhalation vent?

Yes. There are a series of small holes in the lower side of the cloth cushion that provide exhaust for the exhaled CO2. The exhaust rate is comparable to most old style hard plastic PAP masks

Can I use SleepWeaver Élan with my existing PAP system?

Yes. SleepWeaver Élan works with all standard PAP, Bi-Level and Auto-titrating PAP systems.

Can I use SleepWeaver Élan if I use supplemental oxygen?

Yes. An oxygen fitting should be placed in line with the hose at the connection to the PAP machine.

Will SleepWeaver Élan seal better than SleepWeaver Advance?

The design of SleepWeaver Élan is different from SleepWeaver Advance, but both utilize zzzephyr seal technology. It will depend on the individual which SleepWeaver they feel is best suited for them. Whatever mask you choose, you will experience the soft, quiet and comfortable fit of a SleepWeaver cloth mask.

Are there any interchangeable pieces for Advance and Élan?

The Feather Weight Tube is interchangeable. The SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube works with SleepWeaver Anew, SleepWeaver Élan, SleepWeaver Advance and all PAP Masks that use a standard 22 mm hose connection.

Does Élan have the zzzephyr seal?

The same technology as used in the zzzephyr seal is included in SleepWeaver Élan interface. Specifically, the interface material is elastic allowing the mask to inflate like a balloon and create a leak free seal with no pressure points.

Do you sell through Home Care Companies?

Yes. We sell through all Home Care Companies. If your company does not carry SleepWeaver Élan, please have them contact us so that we can set them up as a dealer. Alternatively, you can contact us and give us the name of your Home Care Company so that we can have our sales representative call on them.

Do you sell through any National DME chains?

Yes. We sell through national chains like Lincare, Apria, American Home Patient, Rotech, Walgreens, AeroCare, and many more. Please visit us online at to find a dealer near you.

Do you sell your mask outside of the US?

Yes. We can sell our products in countries for which we have regulatory approval. The list of approved countries is always growing; please contact us for more information.

Can I sleep on my stomach while wearing the mask?

Yes. The air pressure in the mask will keep the mask inflated without pressure points. The mask continues to allow CO2 exhalation as long as a portion of the exhalation holes are exposed.

Can I read or watch TV while wearing the mask?

Yes. There is nothing in the field of view from the mask or headgear. This allows you to wear glasses and read or watch TV while wearing the mask.

I have dentures. Can I still wear the mask?

Yes. SleepWeaver Élan can be worn by patients with dentures.

Can I use SleepWeaver Élan if I have a broken nose or deviated septum?

Yes. The pliable nature of SleepWeaver Élan allows it to conform to the patient’s facial anatomy even if it is not symmetrical.

How long will a SleepWeaver Élan last?

The SleepWeaver Élan Mask and Headgear is designed to last for 6 months, with replacement mask/cushions available for replacement every 3 months. The replacement items can be purchased separately from the starter kit and are reimbursable by insurance companies.

Will you be making smaller sizes?

The SleepWeaver Élan is available in small, regular, and large.

Can I use the Feather Weight Tube with SleepWeaver Advance, Anew and Élan?

The SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube works with the SleepWeaver Advance, Élan and Anew and all PAP Masks that use a standard 22 mm hose connection.

Can the headgear for each SleepWeaver mask be used with other SleepWeaver products?

No. Each SleepWeaver headgear is specific to its mask and it cannot be interchanged.

Is SleepWeaver Élan better than SleepWeaver Advance?

Both products provide the superior comfort of a cloth mask. However, Élan offers a number of features not available in Advance. - Multiple sizes - Hose can be routed in any direction, including over the head - Improved line of sight

Will my insurance cover SleepWeaver Élan?

- SleepWeaver Élan is reimbursable with these HCPCS codes: - A7034: NASAL INTERFACE -- USED WITH POSITIVE AIRWAY PRESSURE DEVICE - A7035: HEADGEAR -- USED WITH POSITIVE AIRWAY PRESSURE DEVICE - A7037: TUBING -- USED WITH POSITIVE AIRWAY PRESSURE DEVICE - The Starter Kits are reimbursable under code A7034, A7035 & A7037 - Replacement Mask/Cushions are available in beige, blue, pink, camouflage and leopard and are reimbursable under code A7034.

Here is what our customers are saying:

“I use the SleepWeaver Elan. I have a contact hypersensitivity to silicone and the SleepWeaver line has been the only CPAP Mask that I have been able to find that does not have silicone. I like the Elan because I can use the tether to run the tubing up over the back of my head.”
Susan, CA

“I tried all types of masks and they all leak to a certain extent and most are uncomfortable and leave red marks on my face. SleepWeaver Elan is the first mask that is comfortable and leaves no red marks. Love this product. The only negative on the product, and it’s a small one, the headgear seems to stretch out over time. This is the only mask I buy now.”
Ronald, NC

“I've been using the Sleepweaver Advance which has been a good mask. I just switched to the Elan and I love it!! It is the most comfortable mask I have ever worn! The headgear is an easy on and off and the mask fits perfectly!! A huge thank you to your design team!”
Judy K.

“It’s not perfect, but a lot better than the silicone style mask. It seems to conform to your face better, and you wear it loosely. You need to follow the directions and not get it to tight.”
Larry K.
Rembrandt, AL

“The SleepWeaver Élan is Very comfortable, easy to use and fairly priced. It is also great for travel because it’s lightweight and does not take up room in my bag.”
Ophelia L.
North East, PA

“The SleepWeaver is an outstanding value for the money because it so comfortable to wear, easy to clean, and very easy to pack away when travelling.”
Paul M.
United Kingdom

“I have been using the SleepWeaver Élan for long period of time and it is easy to use, soft, and light. I’ve never had any problems with mask during the night.”
Sujit V.
Brandenton, FL

“I am a severe chronic migraine sufferer. Most masks put presser on my pressure points and create more problems for me. This mask is the answer to all of that! I can adjust the pressure, the location of the straps, and the lightweight mask makes wearing it.”
Judith K.
Green River, WY

“The SleepWeaver Élan is the only mask my skin can tolerate.”
Ken O.
Coalville, UT

“The Élan is very comfortable; it fits to my facial features much better than other masks and I can sleep on my side comfortably.”
Alan M.
Las Vegas, NV

“The mask is extremely comfortable and doesn't leak unless improperly positioned.”
Virginia P.
Leominster, MA

“The SleepWeaver Élan is comfortable, lightweight, and allows unencumbered movement during sleep.”
Joseph B.

“I hated the hard plastic of other nasal masks on the market. The Élan is very comfortable, lightweight, and I recommend others to try it for themselves.”
Philip P.

“Thank you for creating such a comfortable mask that no longer hurts my nose!”
Eladio V.
Phoenix City, AL

“I suffer from bad skin & nares reactions due to latex and silicone. The SleepWeaver Élan eliminates that issue for me and is great for sleeping on my back and turning side to side.”
Mark S.
Etowah, NC

“I am very skin sensitive due to psoriasis and eczema. This is the only mask that doesn't make my skin break out or break down.”
Laura C.
Mansfield Center, CT

“I love it! The SleepWeaver Élan is so easy to clean and wear. It is very comfortable and superior to hard plastic masks.”
Dawn M.
Slatington, PA

“The SleepWeaver Élan is 100% comfort and way better than hard masks!”
Shannon H.
Dixon, IL

“I love the weight, fit of this mask and that it doesn’t leave marks on my face.”
Melanie L.
Bend, OR

“The SleepWeaver Élan is so comfortable, seals well and it lets me move around while sleeping.”
Carol Q.
The Village, FL

“I like the size of the SleepWeaver Elan and the fact that it doesn't leave marks around my nose.”
Susan M.
Columbia, MO

“Now that I have my Élan I threw my plastic mask in the trash. No more headbands for the forehead and plastic pieces falling apart!”
Las Vegas, NV

“After suffering horrible reactions to most other masks and being required to wear a liner I’m so glad I found the SleepWeaver. I am happy that there is an alternative to wearing plastic/latex against my skin.”
Kim D.
Nancy, KY

“I had tried several different masks and while in hospital someone told me about this one. It is a good fit for me and seals the best of all masks I have tried.”
Charles C.
Edgerton, OH

“This mask is much better than my previous mask which used to leak a lot and made some deep marks on bridge of nose and was very noisy. Thank you SleepWeaver!”
Ian O.
United Kingdom

“The SleepWeaver Élan is the most comfortable mask on the market!”
Phyllis O.
Springfield, TN

“The Élan provides a perfect fit and is very soft. I love that it doesn’t impair my vision.”
Janelle S.
Mansfield, AR

“This is a great product that I would recommend to anyone who has to wear a CPAP mask. It is easy to take on and off and comfortably while you’re sleeping.”
Jeffery S.
Huntingdon, PA
I have been wearing have been wearing CPAP masks for over 10 years and the SleepWeaver masks are the most comfortable and lightweight.”
Warren M.
Arkron, OH

“I have been able to fit the mask easily and the soft texture of the mask greatly increases the comfort. It is also lightweight and easy to sleep with.”
Timothy W.
Rushville, IN

“The SleepWeaver Élan is the most comfortable and gives the best seal of all other masks I have tried. I have less sleep apneas and I feel more refreshed.”
Brian E.

“SleepWeaver Elan is the best mask I have ever worn. The Advance was great and far better and more comfortable than any other mask I have had. But the Elan goes even further in the scale of comfort. The most comfortable and the most fool-proof mask you buy.”
Graeme M.v Australia

“The Elan mask is the most comfortable mask I have used with my CPAP. It seems to seal better than the nasal pillow masks I have used, and is far more comfortable. It also seems easier to get to fit my face.”
Gregory S.
Royersford, PA

“I'm new to the Elan, but so far I really like it. Very comfortable like the Advance, but this is a better fit for me. It is very light and I can sleep in any position without any problem. Both are a hundred times better than the plastic masks.”
Linda O.
Frederic, WI

“The SleepWeaver Élan is my preferred mask after trying 10 other masks. It's comfortable, great for stomach and side sleepers, if you are diligent and follow the directions you get a good fit and it doesn't leak, just make sure you find your correct size.”
Laurie F.
Lake Havasu City, AZ

“The SleepWeaver Élan is very comfortable, sturdy, and easy to size.”
Eric S.
Mulvane, KS

“The SleepWeaver Élan is the best mask I have used in the last 12 years of BiPaP use.”
Edward S.
Norfolk, VA

“The SleepWeaver Élan is Great!!! The most comfortable mask I have ever had.”
Lynda S.
Mt. Airy, NC

“I am delighted with the Elan. I can now sleep on my side comfortably without the mask digging into my face.”
David W.
Boston, MA

“The SleepWeaver Élan eliminated the pressure on my upper teeth. I have NO marks on my face or the first time in 20 years.”
David W.
Lawrenceville, VA

“The SleepWeaver Elan is by far the best CPAP mask I have used. I would not go back to the plastic type.”
Karen L.
Cedar Rapids, IA

“The SleepWeaver Élan eliminated the pressure on my upper teeth. I have NO marks on my face or the first time in 20 years.”
David W.
Lawrenceville, VA

“I have used Circadiance masks for 5 years and have not had success with any other products but SleepWeaver. It has been the key to better health and sleep for me and I've recommended it often to others.”
Jacqueline L.
Sarasota, FL

“Finally a mask that I can keep on all night and allows me to sleep in any position. I wish that it hadn't taken 6 years to finally find a product this good. Thank you SleepWeaver!”
Steven B.
Las Vegas, NV

“I have tried just about every type of mask available and the cloth mask is so much lighter and easier to wear. It does not cause my skin to have the allergic reactions the other masks did and it is so much more comfortable. I will never try any other mask.”
Patty J.
Jacksonville, FL

“The SleepWeaver Élan is comfortable, easy to fit and soft. I also have no more red marks on my face. I highly recommended it and no looking back to my old mask!”
Joan M.
Republic of Ireland

“My SleepWeaver Élan mask is so comfortable and easy to use! I can finally get a good night's rest!”
Tammy B.
Coral Springs, FL

“The SleepWeaver mask is the best out of the all the mask I have used, which have been several. The cloth vs plastic on your face and the flexibility they provide are great.”
Laurie Z.
Allegany, NY

“This mask is by far the most comfortable one I have used mainly because it is not hard and does not bite into your face.”
Anne R.

“The SleepWeaver Élan is easy to use, seals well and comes in multiple sizes.”
Theresa P.
West Brookfield, MA

“I really like the SleepWeaver Élan because it is the most comfortable mask I have ever used.”
Darlene S.
Black Mountain, NC

“The SleepWeaver Élan is light and comfortable. I’m now getting eight hours of sleep and waking up refreshed.”
Celeste B.
Bradenton, FL

“The SleepWeaver is better than all the previous masks used and no more marks on my cheeks or nose!”
Greg J.

“This is without question a superior product. It’s easy to use, readily seals, and remains sealed throughout the night.”
John C.
Santa Barbara, CA

“The SleepWeaver Élan is soft lightweight and comfortable.”
Richard T.
Lilburn, GA

“The SleepWeaver Élan is easy to assembly, fit and comfortable to wear. “
Linda R.
Garland, TX

“I began looking for a more comfortable mask when I first started using CPAP therapy. I found Circadiance on the internet, since my doctor didn't carry it. I asked for a new prescription, sent it in to and received it in two days with free shipping without any hassles. I’m now sleeping more comfortably for an extended amount of time.”
Laura O.
Bel Air, MD

“I would rate Élan with 10 out of 10 due to ease of comfort, lightweight and not stuffy. It is highly recommended.”
Frank M.
Brick, NJ

“This is my 6th mask – and it is the best I have owned since becoming a CPAP user some 10 years ago. The Élan is light, noiseless and no leaks.”
Allan F.
Montville, NJ

“This is much more comfortable than any other mask. I appreciate not having hard plastic against my face or air blowing up my nose as with nasal pillows. Best of all is that I can sleep in any position.”
Marie R.
Broomfield, CO

“This is my second SleepWeaver Élan mask from Circadiance and it is a lot more comfortable than the hard plastic one that I used when I first started using the CPAP system.”
Christopher D.
Port Byron, NY

“It’s a great nasal mask and the best thing that has come to CPAP therapy in years!”
Theresa P.
West Brookfield, AL

“The SleepWeaver Élan is very comfortable and good with controlling leaks.”
Sunny H.
Aracata, CA

“Try this mask before you decide to give up your CPAP experience. It takes a bit of getting used to but all masks have been like that for me. This one does not mark my face; I have no red marks in the morning and I really love the simplicity of it using the SleepWeaver.”
Kate G.
Wilmington, NC

“I love this mask! My old one left marks on my face that lasted all day and with the SleepWeaver I have none. It feels like heaven!”
Jean S.
Port Charlotte, FL

To experience a great seal, watch the SleepWeaver Quick Fit Tip videos for fitting instructions that are unique to soft cloth masks.

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