SleepWeaver® Feather Weight Tube®

SleepWeaver® Feather Weight Tube®

The SleepWeaver® Feather Weight Tube® creates a unique flex zone between the SleepWeaver mask and the PAP hose. Extremely lightweight and flexible, the quick-release Feather Weight Tube reduces the weight and pull on the mask while increasing your freedom to move. The added flexibility also helps to reduce mask leaks to let you enjoy restorative, uninterrupted sleep. The Feather Weight Tube is 15mm in diameter and 18″ long with a standard 22mm connection.

Here is what our customers are saying:

"Great. Love this extension to my tubing.”
Olga R, TX

"I bought this along with the SleepWeaver Advance Nasal CPAP Mask with Improved Zzzephyr Seal. I probably could have skipped it but I'm glad I got it. It's lightweight and attaches to the tube to the machine giving a little extra length. There isn't as much pull as there would be if I attached it directly to the other tube which I think helps with the mask's seal."
Karen W, KS

"I replaced the SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube because it was time. It adds just a little bit extra on the end of the slim line tubing that I have and doesn't pull on my mask at night. Glad I found this too. Thanks!"
Craig W, KS

"I like this product a lot! It is lighter and less "noisy" when I change positions during the night. It is a keeper."
Dondi M, WA

"WOW!! I can finally sleep on my right side thanks to the feather weight tube. I use a hose stand and it didn't allow me to sleep on my right side without cutting my air off using a cloth mask. The SleepWeaver feather weight tube is perfect for those that have the same setup as I do. Thank you for your excellent service."
Irma S, WA

"The addition of the feather weight tube to my regular tube assisted in making my SleepWeaver mask easier to use when lying on my sides and kept any leaks from occurring."
Sara B, FL

"Love the extra distance and how light it is."
George G, MO

"I think the light weight of this tube makes sleeping more comfortable, and seems quieter to me."
Becky M, OH

“I never even knew this existed. It makes things much easier, especially given my last hose was so heavyweight that when I rolled over and it hit the wall the noise would wake me up."
Lawrence M, TX

“The tube is lightweight and comfy.”
Mary Jane A, VA

"Without the feather weight tube I was having a lot of drag on my mask as the tube kept falling off of the bed causing leaking in my sleep weaver mask. The feather weight tube has been the greatest purchase!! It stays in place and helps me get uninterrupted sleep; without it I was waking up every time I turned over."
Rebecca C, MN

"Excellent. Actually keeps my SleepWeaver in place better than my usual hose."
Sue S, CA

"Best invention in years. Fantastic and it keeps the hard hose off your body during the night."
Dr. James H, TX

"At first I thought a tube is a tube. After reading more about the SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube, I decided to try it. It is so light that I don't know it's even there and it's a great improvement over other tubes. Ordering from was a very pleasant experience and I will definitely order again. Customer service is still alive."
Theresa B, CA

"True to its name, light as a feather, this is a necessary part of the SleepWeaver mask. Regular tubes can tug on the mask and cause leaks."
Lori M, MN

"Excellent product! Really helps with use of sleep weaver mask"
Marcy T, VA

"It really made a difference. No more tube tending all night!"
Neal V, SC

"This lighter weight hose fits directly into the larger hose on my machine which is bulky and stiff. The old hose made it difficult to keep my mask in place. The new hose is less limiting and less intrusive to my movements and sleep. Combined with the SleepWeaver mask I have experienced greater comfort and better sleep. Too bad there isn't a higher than 5 rating for this product."
Randy S, TX

"I bought this for a light weight mask but it works great on any mask."
David S, TX

"The SleepWeaver is very light, and this light tube prevents the heavier tube from distorting the mask."
Mike S, CT

"I purchased this to go along with my new lightweight mask, and it really makes a big difference! Since the mask is so light, and just made of fabric, without this attachment tube, the big hose just pulls too much. So this is a very helpful accessory."
Andrea C, NY

"I love this product! It is so much more comfortable to wear, the lightweight of it does not make anymore noise then the regular hose. I will always use this hose! I would love to have a 6 foot long one. Thanks for recommending it for me. Way to go CPAP!"
Gail D, AR

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