Anew Customer Testimonials

Here is what our customers are saying:

“First time since being on cpap I had ZERO apneas per hour. I also did not wake up severely dehydrated as I do while using the competitors’ mask. I also get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed using the Anew mask.”
David, UK

“I have been on Bi Pap machine for 3 months….waking up with creases, bags under eyes and other unattractive looks. This mask eliminates all that and is very comfortable.”
David B., Springfield, IL

“The SleepWeaver Anew works great after getting a good seal. I can sleep on my side and nothing pinches my face and I don’t have marks on my face after wearing it all night. Also, the fabric allows for pressured air to escape in a way that does not wake my partner in a whirl.”
Ray V.
Rehoboth Beach, DE

“I couldn’t stand the old masks. I saw this and prayed it was comfortable. It is amazing! I can wear it comfortably all night and not wake up.”
Joanne T.
Banning, CA

“I started CPAP with an old style plastic full face mask which did the job but was very uncomfortable. I liked using the Circadiance Advance mask but I have some seasonal allergies and need to use a full mask so I really love the Anew. It’s just as comfortable as the Advance.”
Jeffrey Z.
Waterloo, IA

“My previous hard masks with silicone seals all leaked and had to be tightened to where they hurt. The SleepWeaver Anew fits and is comfortable to wear right from the start.”
Chris C.
Waynesboro, PA

“The SleepWeaver Anew is very comfortable, easy to sleep in, easy to clean and doesn’t put pressure on my face. It’s nice to get a good night’s sleep.”
Val K.
West Baby, NY

“This mask is very easy to adjust for a comfortable fit and doesn’t leak.”
Wayne S.
Lancaster, TX

“I can’t use the rubber/silicone masks because they cause skin rashes and the hard plastic ones leave pressure lines. The SleepWeaver Anew mask does neither, so I finally found a mask I can wear.”
David S.
Seattle, WA

“I have sensitive skin, and these masks make CPAP tolerable. They’re also easy to use and form fit for side sleeping.”
Jared M.
Lorain, OH

“I think that the Sleep Weaver Soft Cloth Full Face mask is the best mask I have ever owned as it is built with comfort and is ideal for people like me who sleep on their side. I found the hard plastic masks are just not good for side sleepers.”
Wayne C.

“The SleepWeaver Anew is flexibility and the comfort is far better than the plastic CPAP masks.”
Linda C.
Poncha Springs, CO

“I love how lightweight and comfortable the SleepWeaver Anew is compared to other products.”
Dale P.

“The SleepWeaver Soft Cloth Full Face PAP mask has helped me achieve a better night’s sleep than with traditional masks. I wake up less often because of its comfort and feel completely refreshed in the morning.”
Bridget E.
Logansport, IN

“Of all the options available on the market today, the Anew mask is by far the best. It’s light, comfortable, natural felling and easy to use.”
Jim W.
Eugene, OR

“The Anew is very comfortable, nice seal with no leakage and no marks on my face from this mask.”
Rose F.
Old Forge, PA

“The SleepWeaver Anew is very comfortable and has a nice seal with no leakage. I also have no marks on my face from this mask.”
Jessica W.
Kennewick, WA

“This is so much better than a rigid mask!”
Bruce G.
Post Falls, ID

“I love the light soft texture of the SleepWeaver Full Face Mask and it seals good!”
Benjamin C.
Colquitt, GA

“The SleepWeaver Anew provides a more comfortable and restful sleep.”
Steven D.
Visalia, CA

“The SleepWeaver Anew is a terrific mask and it is very comfortable!”
Dan C.
Modesto, CA

“The SleepWeaver is as close as you can get to not wearing a mask! Thank you!”
Ciaron G.
Republic of Ireland

“I love that my Anew is lightweight and comfortable.”
Guy S.
United Kingdom

“It is so much more comfortable than a standard mask and easy to clean. Also the standard masks irritate my skin something awful but there is no irritation with the Sleepweaver Anew.”
Bridget N.
Worth, IL

“This mask is awesome! It’s the first full face mask I’ve been able to use because all of the hard plastic masks leaked really badly in the chin area but not this one. I’m also a side sleeper and this mask is wonderful for sleeping on your side.”
Debbie T.
Oviedo, FL

“This is the first mask that has even fit me properly. It’s simple, soft, and no lines like plastic masks.”
Deborah B.
Dallas, AL

“The Anew sleep mask is lightweight, comfortable to wear, flexible and adjusts easily to prevent leaks. It is also easy to disconnect and clean.”
Larry R.
Shiloh, OH

“I have only recently started using CPAP and I’m still trying to get used to it. The SleepWeaver is by far the best mask I have tried. It’s so comfortable due to the material it is made of and the hard plastic masks have me nasty facial marks.”
Wendy S.
United Kingdom

“The SleepWeaver Anew fits great, is easy to use and I would recommend to anyone wanting a full face mask. I have tried others that didn’t seal well and this is by far the best I’ve tried!”
Erik S.
Tallahassee, FL

“SleepWeaver Anew is so much softer to wear than a traditional mask.”
Sheryl H.
Wilmington, IL

“Traditional masks are torture for anyone with allergies or sinus issues, and I have both. With traditional masks I had chronic ulcerations in my nose though I tried a couple different styles. The Anew takes time to get used to but it is very promising.”
Rosina L.
Bellingham, WA

“The flexibility is amazing. I sleep on my side and tend to move around in my sleep. All of the other masks I have used feel like I am dragging a 100lbs weight along with me.”
Stephen K.
Plant City, FL

“This is my first experience with Anew, but I have used the original Sleep Weaver mask for several years. I find it much more comfortable to wear than standard masks, and it fits my face better so requiring fewer adjustments. I have never found another mask that can compete with Circadiance for comfort and ease of use.”
Conjetta C.
Jacksonville, IL

“The SleepWeaver Anew is a great mask and I would recommend it to all CPAP users.”
Wilmarie G.
Hamilton, NJ

“I am both a nose and mouth breather and I love the SleepWeaver Anew. It is well designed, comfortable and easy to adjust.”
Theresa P.
West Brookfield, MA

“The SleepWeaver Anew is the most comfortable mask I have ever used.”
Jonathan C.
Clinton, AL

“The SleepWeaver Anew is comfortable, lightweight, small, easy to put in suitcase, easy to keep clean, and not cumbersome to transport. I also no longer have pressure marks on face and no bacteria problems on skin.”
Suzanne R.
Beloit, AL

“I love my new SleepWeaver Anew mask. I’m sleeping better because it’s so comfortable and I feel safe now.”
Susanna T.
Norfolk, UK

“The SleepWeaver Anew is very comfortable, easy to use, less leakage, with a good seal.”
Chris B.

“The SleepWeaver Anew works well and is less intrusive than the plastic ones.”
Miguel O.
Studio City, CA

“The SleepWeaver Anew is comfortable, light weight and allows me to sleep in different positions.”
Mark H.
United Kingdom

“I Love this light weight mask and due to no plastic it has a good seal.”
John H.
Asheville, NC

“Since every face is different, masks are always very subjective. The Anew design just works for me right out of the box. It’s lightweight and easy to use and fits my face perfectly. Watch the DVD as it takes some adjusting and wiggling to get the hang of the unique design. I have a nice snug cozy fit!”
Mark S.
Smithville, TN

“The soft cloth is more comfortable on the face than the molded masks and it is easy to clean.”
Mark M.
United Kingdom

“This mask fits better and is more comfortable than other masks! It’s also easier to put on and to take off.”
James C.
Rosewell, NM

“Light weight and comfortable!”
William T.

“It’s the best mask that I have tried so far, and believe me I have tried at LEAST a dozen.”
Jim S, OR

“Outstanding!! The most comfortable mask I’ve ever used. I was used to the plastic face mask since I used liners with them, but they still left deep marks on the bridge of my nose, my forehead and down my one cheek. This leaves absolutely no marks and is so lightweight, I’ve often wondered if it’s attached correctly. However, my “mask fit” indicator always says that it is. It is only slightly tight over my top lip, but that’s probably because it’s still new. A band-aid over my lip has really helped, and I probably won’t need it much longer. This mask has truly been a blessing.”
Edward E, DE

“The most comfortable full face mask made!”
Judy B.
Bristow, OK

“Yesterday I wrote a veritable tome on my ongoing experiment with the mask. After evaluating another night with the mask, I have decided I simply need to trade my medium size in for a small in order to get a tighter fitting nasal opening. I would encourage anyone that is about to go rogue non-compliant to try this mask 1st, and order a size smaller than what you are accustomed to. It is THAT comfortable. Circadiance’s 30 day no-risk return policy makes it possible to keep trying till you get it right.”
Liz M, TX

“This mask feels very different than anything I’ve tried before. The cloth puffs out when you turn the machine on, and the sound is a lot different because it is not reflected or focused by plastic. After you play around a little the seal is excellent: I was able to use it the second night I gave it a try. It has less of a tendency to be pushed out of line when sleeping on my side than other masks I have tried. I love getting rid of the mask marks alongside my nose.
There is a little irritation around the base of my nasal septum, but I am fine tuning that. The only other recommendation is to check the collar of the angle joint as it seems to loosen up after it’s spun around a few times. Although this is an excellent product you may wish to buy the insurance because it is radically different.”
Charles A, NY

“After trying half a dozen full face masks I was ready to quit, which my doctor told me could be a fatal choice for my condition of central sleep apnea. None of the previous masks fit right, either pressing so hard in some places they hurt too much to wear more than 1/2 hour or had unstoppable leaks. The SleepWeaver Anew Full Face Mask has saved my life because I can wear it comfortably all night which is necessary for my condition. It softly pillows out by air pressure and allows more movement than a hard mask. It is easy to put on and take off, also easy to clean. I do wear a chin strap with it to keep my jaw from dropping too far down. If you are having trouble fitting a mask, I highly recommend trying this mask.”
Peter B, SC

“This is the first full face mask that will work with my weird big nose weak jaw face. I can open my mouth wide open and the oral seal remains leak free. It will take a few more days for the nasal part of the mask to get use to my nose. It took that long with SW’s nasal masks. I will not go into all of the bad experiences I had with the other 4 full face masks I have tried.”
Rudolph R, AZ

“Great mask and great night of sleep be sure to measure correctly!”
Judith S, AL

“This is 1st full face mask which I have found to be comfortable. It doesn’t give me headaches or leave marks on my face. This is a great alternative for mouth breathers like me.”
Kassie L, KS