NeoPAP Overview

NeoPAP is a sophisticated CPAP delivery and treatment system developed to treat newborns and infants with respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) or who are recovering from RDS.

Simplicity and freedom
The NeoPAP patient interface’s small profile and ability to be used with both CPAP and flow modes, coupled with Baby-Trak leak compensation technology, gives you the freedom to accommodate the unique care needs of your smallest patients. The innovative bonnet, nasal cannula and nasal mask designs work in concert to help minimize the need for adjustments during therapy, allowing you to spend more time caring for your patient and less time tending to the device. NeoPAP allows you to create an environment where patients can rest more comfortably and focus their energy on growth and development. Watch the NeoPap video for more details.

Key advantages

  • Lightweight patient interface made of soft, skin-friendly silicone; does not contain BPA, DEHP, or natural rubber latex
  • Patient bonnet using Fabrifoam®* lining to help minimize torsional stress placed on the patient interface. Unique design virtually eliminates the need to tighten the interface to the patient
  • Three modes of therapy: CPAP mode, flow mode, resuscitation mode
  • Adjustable alarm volume control, remote alarm capability, visual and audible alarm indicators
  • Baby-Trak leak compensation technology: eliminates the need for a closely fitted interface seal and helps to reduce pressure on the infant’s face. View an animation of the Baby-Trak leak compensation technology.

*Fabrifoam is a separate product that is used for the lining that is not produced by Circadiance but is solely owned by Fabrifoam. For more information visit:

NeoPAP Basic Specifications

Clinical indication-Babies with a diagnosis of respiratory distress syndrome (RDS).
Standby mode allows clinicians to set up the unit in anticipation of admitting a baby needing CPAP.
Design-driven by focusing on clinician workflow.

  • Intended for use on patients less than 5kg
  • Therapy modes:
    • CPAP: 2 – 10 cmH20
    • Flow: 3 – 7 L/min
    • Resuscitation: 10 L/min (fixed)
  • Internal Oxygen Blender: 21-100% (all modes)
  • Available Stand-by Mode
  • Comprehensive Alarm System with automatic setting adjustment
  • Compatible with F&P MR850 and Teleflex/Hudson- RCI Conchatherm Neptune humidifiers
  • Patient interface:
    • 5 sizes of nasal cannula
    • 2 sizes of nasal masks
    • 5 sizes of patient bonnets
    • All components interface color-coded by size
    • Delivery circuit adapter & sizing kit

Baby-Trak Leak Compensation Technology

Baby-Trak compares the expected flow for a given pressure with the measured flow. The difference is leak. Pressure measurement at the nose also provides feedback to be used for maintaining stabile pressure.

  • NeoPAP measures pressure at the patient interface & actively compensates for leaks and changes in respiration.
    • The interface does not need to be tightly affixed to bonnet since seal at nares is not required.
  • CPAP technology at the device instead of at the patient interface
    • Allows use of a lightweight patient interface