The SleepWeaver Élan®

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What is in a SleepWeaver Élan “Starter Kit”?

The SleepWeaver Élan starter kits are available in beige and blue and included in the package is one regular mask and headgear with connector assembly, one large mask/cushion, one SleepWeaver Featherweight Tube, One Tether Strap and One Quickstart Illustration Guide.

Does the SleepWeaver Élan have magnets?

No. None of the SleepWeaver masks or headgear utilize magnets.

Do I need to buy the SleepWeaver Élan Starter Kit or can I just buy the mask and headgear?

First time users of SleepWeaver Élan are encouraged to buy a Starter Kit. You can buy a Mask/Cushion, Headgear, Tether Strap, and Feather Weight Tube and a mask/headgear combo separately.

How often should SleepWeaver Élan be washed?

The SleepWeaver Élan should be washed on an as needed basis to maintain the cleanliness that is desired. Cleaning the mask every 1 – 3 days will be sufficient for most people.

How should SleepWeaver Élan be washed?

For home use, SleepWeaver Élan should be cleaned by hand washing with a mild nonabrasive detergent in warm (not hot) water until visibly clean. Rinse well with drinking quality water and allow to air dry out of direct sun- light. You may keep the swivel attached during cleaning or you may remove it and clean it separately. The headgear should be hand washed weekly. *HANG DRY ONLY (Do NOT dry mask and headgear in the dryer)

In what position can the tubing be run when using SleepWeaver Élan?

SleepWeaver Élan allows the tube to be routed in any direction according to the patient’s choice, including over the head. The Starter Kit includes an optional tether strap that can be used to connect the Feather Weight Tube to the headgear when the hose is routed over the head. Some customers also prefer using a hose clip to secure their tube onto their clothes. View our accessories at

What is the warranty for SleepWeaver Élan?

Circadiance warrants that your SleepWeaver Élan Soft Cloth Nasal PAP mask and headgear shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase by the initial consumer.

Do you have a mask guarantee?

If you, the patient, purchased one of our SleepWeaver products (SleepWeaver Advance, SleepWeaver Anew, or SleepWeaver Élan) through your Home Care Provider or an Internet Reseller and do not like the products, you can return it to the location where it was purchased within 30 days of initial fitting or of receiving the product.

Do I have to use the tether strap?

The optional tether strap helps to control the hose when it is worn “over the head”. The user should decide if this helps improve their sleep.

From what material is the mask made?

The cloth is the same material used to make winter ski clothing. A portion of the mask that contacts the skin contains polyester, nylon, and elastane. The cloth material is “breathable” meaning that the material wicks moisture and heat away from the user’s skin. You should have no concerns about skin allergies or irritation with this mask. The headgear consists of polyurethane foam, nylon, and lycra. It does NOT contain Mercapto- benzothiazole or Mercapto MX. The plastic swivel is made of polycarbonate. Please be aware that there are trace quantities of BPA in all polycarbonate products. The Feather Weight Tube is made of hytrel and EVA.

Does the cloth mask contain latex?

No. The mask is not made from natural rubber latex.

Why can’t I get a SleepWeaver Élan Starter Kit in pink, leopard or camouflage?

To reduce the number of versions that home care providers stock, we provide the starter kits in the two most popular colors. You can select any of our colors including beige, blue, pink, camouflage or leopard when you order your replacement mask/cushions.

What is recommended pressure for SleepWeaver Élan?

SleepWeaver Élan has been tested and approved for use between 4 – 20 cm H2O on PAP, Bi-Level and Auto-titrating PAP systems.

Does SleepWeaver Élan have an exhalation vent?

Yes. There are a series of small holes in the lower side of the cloth cushion that provide exhaust for the exhaled CO2. The exhaust rate is comparable to most old style hard plastic PAP masks

Can I use SleepWeaver Élan with my existing PAP system?

Yes. SleepWeaver Élan works with all standard PAP, Bi-Level and Auto-titrating PAP systems.

Can I use SleepWeaver Élan if I use supplemental oxygen?

Yes. An oxygen fitting should be placed in line with the hose at the connection to the PAP machine.

Will SleepWeaver Élan seal better than SleepWeaver Advance?

The design of SleepWeaver Élan is different from SleepWeaver Advance, but both utilize zzzephyr seal technology. It will depend on the individual which SleepWeaver they feel is best suited for them. Whatever mask you choose, you will experience the soft, quiet and comfortable fit of a SleepWeaver cloth mask.

Are there any interchangeable pieces for Advance and Élan?

The Feather Weight Tube is interchangeable. The SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube works with SleepWeaver Anew, SleepWeaver Élan, SleepWeaver Advance and all PAP Masks that use a standard 22 mm hose connection.

Does Élan have the zzzephyr seal?

The same technology as used in the zzzephyr seal is included in SleepWeaver Élan interface. Specifically, the interface material is elastic allowing the mask to inflate like a balloon and create a leak free seal with no pressure points.

Do you sell through Home Care Companies?

Yes. We sell through all Home Care Companies. If your company does not carry SleepWeaver Élan, please have them contact us so that we can set them up as a dealer. Alternatively, you can contact us and give us the name of your Home Care Company so that we can have our sales representative call on them.

Do you sell through any National DME chains?

Yes. We sell through national chains like Lincare, Apria, American Home Patient, Rotech, Walgreens, AeroCare, and many more. Please visit us online at to find a dealer near you.

Do you sell your mask outside of the US?

Yes. We can sell our products in countries for which we have regulatory approval. The list of approved countries is always growing; please contact us for more information.

Can I sleep on my stomach while wearing the mask?

Yes. The air pressure in the mask will keep the mask inflated without pressure points. The mask continues to allow CO2 exhalation as long as a portion of the exhalation holes are exposed.

Can I read or watch TV while wearing the mask?

Yes. There is nothing in the field of view from the mask or headgear. This allows you to wear glasses and read or watch TV while wearing the mask.

I have dentures. Can I still wear the mask?

Yes. SleepWeaver Élan can be worn by patients with dentures.

Can I use SleepWeaver Élan if I have a broken nose or deviated septum?

Yes. The pliable nature of SleepWeaver Élan allows it to conform to the patient’s facial anatomy even if it is not symmetrical.

How long will a SleepWeaver Élan last?

The SleepWeaver Élan Mask and Headgear is designed to last for 6 months, with replacement mask/cushions available for replacement every 3 months. The replacement items can be purchased separately from the starter kit and are reimbursable by insurance companies.

Will you be making smaller sizes?

The SleepWeaver Élan is available in small, regular, and large.

Can I use the Feather Weight Tube with SleepWeaver Advance, Anew and Élan?

The SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube works with the SleepWeaver Advance, Élan and Anew and all PAP Masks that use a standard 22 mm hose connection.

Can the headgear for each SleepWeaver mask be used with other SleepWeaver products?

No. Each SleepWeaver headgear is specific to its mask and it cannot be interchanged.

Is SleepWeaver Élan better than SleepWeaver Advance?

Both products provide the superior comfort of a cloth mask. However, Élan offers a number of features not available in Advance.
– Multiple sizes
– Hose can be routed in any direction, including over the head
– Improved line of sight

Will my insurance cover SleepWeaver Élan?

– SleepWeaver Élan is reimbursable with these HCPCS codes:
– The Starter Kits are reimbursable under code A7034, A7035 & A7037
– Replacement Mask/Cushions are available in beige, blue, pink, camouflage and leopard and are reimbursable under code A7034.