Mask Information

with New & Improved Zzzephyr Seal

As with previous renditions of the SleepWeaver® soft cloth nasal CPAP mask, the New and Improved SleepWeaver® Advance inflates like a balloon, softly conforming to the patient’s face and creating an intimate seal. Along with the improvements designed into the Zzzephyr Seal®, the SleepWeaver® Advance provides a unique fit designed for comfort and restorative sleep.

Mask Improvements:

  • The New & Improved Zzzephyr Seal contour fits and seals even better
  • The completely redesigned headgear softly secures a better mask seal
  • Fewer exhalation holes make it even quieter
  • Combine it with the NEW SleepWeaver® Feather Weight Tube® and complete your comfort package

Why it was made for you:

  • Wear your glasses & read or watch TV in bed again
  • 3 colors & two pattern choices (Leopard and Camouflage)
  • Easy to clean by hand or in your clothes washing machine
  • Sleep on either side while snuggling with your pillow
  • No more red marks on your face because all that touches you is cloth

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