Why SleepWeaver

SleepWeaver® Solves the 5 Biggest Complaints Sleep Apnea Patients Have About CPAP Masks

This Revolutionary Cloth Nasal Mask overcomes the 5 worst problems that sleep apnea patients experience with conventional nasal, full face and pillow-type CPAP interfaces so you can comfortably continue therapy and get the deep and restorative sleep you need.

Many sleep apnea patients discontinue their CPAP therapy because their CPAP mask causes discomfort, irritation and sleep interruption due to:

» air leakage
» pressure from headgear
» limited sleep positions
» skin irritation
» noise

Are you experiencing one or more of these problems? Is it preventing you from getting the full benefit of CPAP therapy? By eliminating these 5 major mask problems the SleepWeaver allows you to continue your CPAP therapy and enjoy deep, restorative sleep.

1. Reduced Air Leakage

The SleepWeaver is made of cloth and has no rigid parts that come into contact with the skin. It inflates to form a balloon of air that pushes gently against the patient’s face to form a seal. Because the cloth is flexible and follows the exact shape of each individual patient’s face, air leakage is reduced.

2. Reduced Pressure from Headgear

Very little tension is required in the headgear to achieve a good seal, which is formed by the air pressure inside the mask instead. Because the need to continually tighten the mask to achieve a good seal is eliminated, SleepWeaver users no longer experience pressure sores on the bridge of the nose or other parts of the face.

3. More Sleep Positions

SleepWeaver allows patients to sleep on their back, side, or stomach without rigid buckles, clips or faceplates digging into their skin. Because the mask is light and soft, it stays positioned all night even as the patient changes sleep positions. Users report waking up in the middle of the night and wondering if it is still on their face, only to find it gently and quietly in place.

4. No More Skin Irritation

The cloth material is very smooth and breathable. So while it forms a very good seal, it does not feel sticky or tacky on the skin and it does not create allergic reactions. There is nothing that goes inside of the nose to irritate or dry out the mucosal tissues inside the nose. The mask contains no latex or silicone.

5. Less Noise

CPAP mask noise comes from three sources: the exhalation valve, leaks and turbulence inside the mask. The SleepWeaver has a series of small exhalation holes that eliminate air “whooshing” or “whistling” sounds. The mask fits with very few leaks, reducing sudden noises. And the mask is designed so that the air turbulence inside the mask is minimized, reducing the last source of mask noise.

By eliminating these mask annoyances the SleepWeaver allows sleep apnea patients to comfortably continue their CPAP therapy and get the deep and restorative sleep they need.