October 2010 – Circadiance® Introduces SleepWeaver Élan®

The Latest Mask in the SleepWeaver® Line of Soft Cloth Nasal Masks for CPAP Users

PITTSBURGH, PA – October 10, 2012
– Circadiance®, the global manufacturer of SleepWeaver® soft cloth nasal masks and accessories for PAP users, expands its line of soft cloth masks this week with its full market release of SleepWeaver Élan®.

“We designed SleepWeaver Élan® to satisfy an even wider range of the growing population of sleep apnea patients,” explained David Groll, Circadiance® President and CEO. “By adding SleepWeaver Élan® to our line of soft cloth nasal masks, we’re able to give PAP users a wider variety of choice in an effort to improve patient desire to continue their PAP therapy.”

Traditional PAP masks are made of hard rigid plastic, rubber, and/or silicone and need to be strapped tightly against a user’s face in order to form a seal. SleepWeaver® masks provide PAP users a revolutionary soft cloth design that forms a balloon-like air-tight seal that conforms to each user’s face without pressure points, sore spots, pinching, or leaving any red marks on the skin after wearing the mask all night – all using a unique loose-fit headgear.

SleepWeaver Élan® is the newest mask in the line of SleepWeaver® soft cloth masks. SleepWeaver Élan® features a built-in swivel connection, enabling users to route the air supply hose in any direction. This feature allows users to sleep in different positions throughout the night, including sleeping on their side, without compromising their PAP therapy. Furthermore, SleepWeaver Élan’s innovative design requires no forehead support, giving users a clear field of vision at night and easily accommodates eyeglasses for bedtime reading or TV watching.

SleepWeaver Élan® comes in five color options and three sizes. For more information on SleepWeaver Élan® and the entire line of SleepWeaver® products and accessories, please call 888-825-9640.

About Circadiance®

Circadiance® develops, manufactures, and markets respiratory products under the SleepWeaver® brand for people with sleep-disordered breathing or who need non-invasive ventilation. With an eye on innovative solutions to increase patient therapy adherence and comfort, their products have revolutionized the sleep therapy market. Sleep apnea patients and sleep specialists have lauded SleepWeaver® soft cloth nasal PAP masks as a key to better sleep. With a global distribution network and cutting-edge soft cloth technology, Circadiance® continues to deliver superior patient outcomes through development of OSA therapy products.

For more information, please visit circadiance.com.