January 2012 – Circadiance® to Launch New Respiratory Supply Products

Export, PA based company continues stellar growth entering fifth year

PITTSBURGH, PA – 11 January 2012 – One of the premier providers of innovative supplies for continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) products, Circadiance® celebrates the completion of its fifth year with a variety of planned new product launches. These launches promise to build upon the high quality standards and innovation that the home health care industry has come to expect from Circadiance®.

Circadiance® has its sights set on being the premier respiratory supply company. To do so, David Groll, CEO plans to reinvest heavily in the development of new products and use alternative tactics to grow the company. “We want to continue to create new, exciting products for the millions of patients worldwide who use our products,” says Groll. “The first five years have been great, but the next five will be even better.”

In 2012 the company is planning to launch a variety of products that provide the CPAP patient a comfortable experience as well as offer the DME resellers and sleep lab professionals an alternative to the traditional hard plastic CPAP masks.

From its inception Circadiance® set out to improve CPAP patient compliance by creating a better product. “There was and still is a high level of CPAP non-compliance because patients are dissatisfied with their hard plastic CPAP masks,” says Groll. “There are inherent limitations to making a CPAP mask with hard plastic. The soft cloth design overcomes these limitations, providing a more comfortable experience for the CPAP patient.”

The company’s initial product, the SleepWeaver® Mask – the only 100% cloth CPAP mask on the market – has evolved over the past five years. True to the company’s growth strategy, in 2011, Circadiance® introduced the SleepWeaver® Feather Weight Tube as an alternative to the bulky and rigid tubing options. For more information on SleepWeaver®, the SleepWeaver® Feather Weight Tube visit https://circadiance.com/products/feather-weight-tube/.

Since 2006, the company has achieved its initial vision of building a better CPAP mask, meeting regulatory requirements and selling in over 30 countries. They’ve also built a strong group of employees who understand the market and offer a great service to customers. “It is a great challenge to start a new medical device company based on a new technology. Our team has met this challenge and positioned the company to continue to bring new innovations to the market” says Groll.

About Circadiance®

Circadiance® develops, manufacturers, and markets respiratory products for people with sleep-disordered breathing or who need non-invasive ventilation. With a keen eye on innovative solutions and patient comfort, their products have revolutionized the sleep market. Their best-selling SleepWeaver® soft cloth nasal CPAP mask has been lauded by sleep apnea patients and diagnosing physicians as a key to better sleep. With an international distribution network and cutting-edge soft cloth technology, Circadiance® continues to excite the sleepy respiratory industry. For more information, please visit circadiance.com.