Circadiance® Dreams up SleepWeaver® Anew® Soft Cloth Full Face PAP Mask for Sleep Apnea Sufferers

Circadiance announces the launch of SleepWeaver® Anew® Soft Cloth Full Face PAP mask, a new product specifically designed for CPAP users who breathe through their mouth while sleeping. With the launch of the SleepWeaver Anew, Circadiance is able to offer its groundbreaking technology to a larger audience of people who use CPAP masks.

SleepWeaver Anew features a dual interface design that seals around both the nose and the mouth, with only soft cloth touching the skin. Unlike the hard plastic masks made by other manufacturers, Circadiance soft cloth technology allows the skin to breathe, without moisture accumulating between the mask and the user’s skin. The unique loose fit provides added comfort and eliminates strap marks, and the open-face headgear design accommodates eyeglasses and allows virtually unrestricted vision. All Circadiance masks allow for a greater variety of sleep positions. The mask is available in three sizes.

“We’re excited to offer our soft cloth technology to even more people who use CPAP to treat obstructive sleep apnea or to provide non-invasive ventilation,” said David Groll, founder and CEO of Circadiance. “With the SleepWeaver® Anew™, even mouth breathers can sleep in comfort. We’re always working to develop products that make PAP therapy more comfortable.”

Circadiance introduced the world’s first all-cloth respiratory interface, SleepWeaver, in 2007. Before SleepWeaver, people who used non-invasive ventilation or CPAP systems were limited in their choice of mask—only hard plastic masks were available. Circadiance changed the future of patient interface by developing a line of high-performance soft cloth masks that deliver comfort and ease of use and increase patient compliance.

About Circadiance®
Circadiance® develops, manufactures, and markets respiratory products under the SleepWeaver® brand for people with sleep-disordered breathing or who need non-invasive ventilation. Our innovative solutions increase patient compliance and have revolutionized the sleep therapy market. Sleep apnea patients and sleep specialists have lauded SleepWeaver soft cloth nasal positive airway pressure CPAP masks as a key to comfort and better sleep. With our cutting-edge technology and global distribution network, Circadiance will continue to deliver superior patient outcomes through the development of respiratory therapy products.