Circadiance Acquires Pediatric Product Lines from Philips

SmartMonitor® and NeoPAP® Brands to Transfer in July

Circadiance today announced that it has acquired the SmartMonitor and NeoPAP product lines from Philips, which includes the infant apnea monitoring technologies and infant positive airway pressure (PAP) technologies associated with these brands. The acquisition of these products and related intellectual property allow Circadiance to enter the global pediatric respiratory market. As David Groll, CEO of Circadiance explains, “Home infant cardiorespiratory monitoring is an established market dominated by SmartMonitor’s proven technology which offers at-risk infants a smooth transition from hospital to home. NeoPAP represents the future of respiratory care in neonatal patients with respiratory distress syndrome. It’s an exciting combination that we intend to leverage with future innovation”.

Circadiance develops, manufactures and markets respiratory products for people with sleep-disordered breathing or who need non-invasive ventilation. Circadiance’s popular line of SleepWeaver® soft cloth CPAP masks remain a standard for patients in need of positive airway pressure treatments, such as those with obstructive sleep apnea. “This transaction between two established respiratory companies combines trusted product lines for Home Care Providers” said David Groll, CEO of Circadiance. “As a company focused on respiratory care, Circadiance is well positioned to support the existing customers for these products and to expand distribution” continued Groll.

The acquired products will be accretive to Circadiance, while complementing the company’s existing business. NeoPAP’s intuitive user interface, combined with SleepWeaver’s proven mask technology and the monitoring power of SmartMonitor enable a unique continuum of care offering for pediatric patients. “With an expanded product portfolio, we enter the next phase of our company’s evolution, consistent with our mission to provide superior, cost effective outcomes to patients and their caregivers,” Mr. Groll said.

Both Circadiance and Philips are committed to a seamless transition of products, which is anticipated to be completed by the end of this week. During the transition of the product lines, Philips and Circadiance will continue to keep the customer at the forefront of all activities.

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