Sleeping On The Move


We have all been in a situation where you have a day filled with traveling that you dread. Getting enough sleep while traveling is the most challenging part of your day. Most of us wake up with a sore neck, barely rested eyes, and the hope that there is enough coffee at the next stop to get us through the day.

But if you get these 4 things right you can get more sleep on the go!

  • Noise – Take earplugs and put on some soothing music to drown out the stuffy, crowded transit-atmosphere.
  • Temperature – Try to keep warm! Public transportation tends to be over air-conditioned in the summer and freezing in the winter.
  • Neck/Head Position – Try to maintain some type of support around your head or neck such as bundling up a sweater or jacket in a u-shape around your neck. By using, clothing this will also help to free your hands by not having to carry one of those bulky sleep cushions.
  • Light – Since lighting is often unpredictable consider keeping your sunglasses on hand to help darken up the atmosphere.

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